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Is Ellen DeGeneres Buying Back Her Old House in the Hills?

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Ellen DeGeneres loves moving and flipping houses so much that she is now literally writing a book on it. We were foolish enough to think she'd finally met her match in the Brody House, which she bought earlier this year, and which could plausibly be considered the best property in all of Los Angeles. But nope: she flipped it just a few months later to Napster cofounder Sean Parker. Ever since then, she and wife Portia de Rossi have been living in a pair of condos in the extremely fancy new Beverly West tower in Westwood, but it wouldn't be like them to stay there for very long. Now Variety reports that DeGeneres is rumored to be feeling nostalgic and looking into re-buying an updated Modern-ish ranch house near Nichols Canyon that she sold in 2007.

DeGeneres first bought the house back in 2005 from commercial director David Ramser, who had had it completely worked over by local firm Marmol Radziner; they picked up a neighboring house in 2006 and sold both together, pretty true to form, in September 2007, for about $10 million. The house that DeGeneres is supposedly interested in again is about 4,300 square feet and sits on a very generous 1.63 acres; according to an old listing, it has walls of glass; "incredible" stone, tile, and woodwork; and a pool. (You can see some old photos here.) It's not up for sale or anything, but this is Ellen.
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