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Inside Air Jordan's New Invite-Only Basketball Hangar

An 80,000-square-foot warehouse at Playa Vista's Hercules Campus (once home to Howard Hughes's wooden airplane operation), has just reopened as an invitation-only basketball facility by the Jordan Brand, of Air Jordan fame. The new basketball gym will carry on the space's tradition of flight by hosting off-season training for athletes sponsored by the brand, like Clippers Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, says Fox Sports. (Jordan's got a similar space already in New York.) The hangar houses a full-sized basketball court, three Jumbotrons, two "NBA-inspired locker rooms," and "The Cube," which allows players to train alone with simulations of Chris Paul's moves.

This magical basketball heaven isn't always going to be private. Inroads onto the property begin with four unbelievably lucky local high schools (Chino Hills, Loyola, Redondo Union, JW North), who will be allowed to come in and play their games on His Airness' court. Because this brand is founded on cool-looking, pricey shoes, open-to-the-public retail space is also in the cards for the facility. Until the gates open to the rest of us, enjoy this walk-through of the enormous space.

· Take Flight: Jordan Brand lands in Los Angeles [Fox Sports]