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Thornton Ladd's Bizarro Bridge House in Pas Asking $2MM

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This multi-faceted 1979 house was designed by Thornton Ladd, the architect who, along with John Kelsey, was behind such local landmarks the Norton Simon Museum and Pasadena's Annandale Country Club. Called the Bridge House, the property features a dramatic two-story entryway with both a skylight and floating staircase; throughout the house there are gleaming hardwood floors, a wetbar, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an incredible "bamboo forest" of a backyard, complete with black-bottomed pool and a waterfall.

Unfortunately, there are also some very questionable paint and carpet choices invading nearly every room of the house, like in the outdated kitchen, where lime-green saloon-style doors and lilac walls coexist, or in one of the bedrooms, where lime makes another appearance as carpeting. The bones of the house are great and probably salvageable, but this is definitely an interior in need of some fixing. Oh yes, and the house is also right next to the 134 Freeway. So the jury's out on whether this place is the ultimate diamond in the rough or just another good-looking rock. Asking price is $1.9 million.

· 819 Las Palmas Road, Pasadena, CA [Estately]