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Watch a Video Game System Help to Completely Transform the Inside of Disney Hall

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The LA Philharmonic series in/SIGHT features concerts accompanied by video, including this architectural video installation by media artist Refik Anadol, which filled the interior of the Disney Hall performance space when it opened this year's program last week. In an accompanying video from UCLA, Anadol explains how the installation uses a "custom-built algorithmic sound analysis" to allow the visuals to respond to the music (Edgard Varèse's "Amériques") in real time, while video game system Microsoft Kinect and a 3D depth camera allow the visuals to mimic the movements of the conductor. As cool as it sounds, it looks even better.

Anadol's performances are over now—you can see a short "teaser" video here—but the in/SIGHT series will continue with more stunning visual installations like it. Plus, Anadol is working on a larger piece called "Ethereal" that'll cover all of Disney Hall, including the exterior.
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