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Freeway Cap Could Sew East LA's Biggest Park Back Together

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Freeway cap park fever has spread from Santa Monica to Hollywood to Downtown and now to East LA, where the LA County Department of Regional Planning has started to dream about putting a cap park on top of the 60 Freeway in East LA, once again joining the two halves of Belvedere Park, which have been separated since the freeway cut through more than 50 years ago. The 31-acre park is the largest in East LA proper and already has an Olympic-sized pool, an amphitheater, and a skate park, says Eastsider LA.

If the freeway were to be capped, the new addition would cover a three-block section at Mednik Avenue that could hold more space for sports fields and courts, public art, and/or a playground; it would also vastly improve access for bikes and pedestrians looking to travel from one side of the park to the other. Unfortunately, unlike the Hollywood Central Park plan on the 101 Freeway, there's no budget or money for the project yet; it's just a beautiful dream.

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