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Los Angeles Just Voted to Try Simple, Readable Parking Signs

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Los Angeles's parking signage is the stuff of legend. Frustratingly enigmatic and occasionally just straight-up absurd, it's spawned apps to help decipher it and driven some to call for a parking revolution. But the city just made the first step in finding a solution and better signs are hitting (some) streets immediately.

Yesterday, the City Council's Transportation Committee voted to test a new, simpler design over the next 45 days; after the pilot run, the LADOT will "report back on possible implementation strategies [of] such style parking signs throughout the city." The motion includes a sample that looks like it was created by Brooklyn-based designer named Nikki Sylianteng, who's spent some time in LA—her design "denot[es] free times in green and unavailable times in red, while also indicating the 12-hour parking cycle by time and day," rather than just presenting a jumble of contradictory words and numbers. (The motion says the pilot will test something "similar to the example.")

Unfortunately, the motion doesn't say where the pilot program will take place, but please let us know if you see it in glorious action.
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