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Mapping the Average Commute Time From Every Part of LA

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We know that Angelenos spend a lot of time in their cars, but how much of that is spent getting to work exactly, and is it really that much more than anyone else in a big city? Using numbers from the Census Bureau, WNYC created an interactive map, searchable by location name or zip code, that allows users to see the average drive time for commuters in each area; the darker the hue, the worse the commute. LAist found that those living in Beverly Hills, 90210, for example, are spending on average about 25.9 minutes en route to the office. Residents of 90015, which covers Downtown's South Park and part of Pico-Union, spend about 30 minutes commuting. Vermont Square in South LA appears to have the worst commute time average (35.6 minutes) in central LA, but people up in Topanga are averaging an even crazier 36.7 minutes. The US average is 25.4 minutes, for comparison.

We picked out a few random areas of LA to see how they stack up against each other:
90042 (Highland Park): 30. 3 minutes
90049 (Brentwood): 25.9 minutes
90404 (Santa Monica): 24.3 minutes
90037 (Parts of Exposition Park and Historic South-Central): 35.6 minutes
90275 (Rancho Palos Verdes): 32.9 minutes
91108 (San Marino): 24.7 minutes

If your neighborhood wasn't on that list, here's the easy-to-navigate map. It covers the contiguous part of the country (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!):

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