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Hollywood & Highland Food Court Getting Locals-Friendly Reno

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The Hollywood & Highland mall has somehow managed to continually ensnare boatloads of tourists who probably don't know any better, but what owner CIM Group really wants is for the shopping center to attract Angelenos. In an effort to do that, it's brought in a new nightclub and a Dave & Busters, and it's asked hip and omnipresent design and construction firm Spacecraft to revamp its food court into a dining deck; the third-floor dining area has been unchanged since 2001, when H&H first opened.

A release from Spacecraft says that the finished project will have "an overall Japanese vibe using a dark color pallet, woodwork and lots of greens, which will provide natural shade," and that the details and accents will be "evocative and sensual". The redesign will add seating and focus on the balcony and its view; there will also be some mood lighting employed at night. (Evocative! Sensual!)

The LA Business Journal reports that CIM is also focusing on offering "consistent, high-profile programming" at the Dolby Theatre, the home of the Oscars; the Hollywood Business Improvement District board president makes a good point that the theater could/should "function as a driver for the entire center, much like the Pantages Theatre drives the area around Hollywood and Vine." Still, what most locals find repellent about H&H is those throngs of tourists it courts.

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