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Quixotic 1920s Spanish-Moorish in Eagle Rock Asking $700k

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Huzzah and wassail, Keller Williams's poetically inclined agent Deirdre Salomone is back with a new listing. Acting as Ms. Salomone's muse this time out: a 1928 three-bedroom, two-bath residence in southeast Eagle Rock. Take it away, Deirdre!
"'...For hope is always born at the same time as love...' Don Quixote. And so it begins, your love affair with this classic Spanish Moorish casa. As you lie down upon the oak floor living room .... star light, star bright, gazing through your star skylight. Lounging by candlelight on the private patio, softly serenaded by the sounds of laughter in the galley kitchen as the chefs practice their alchemy and guests entertain you with their tales of travels far. Retiring in your bedroom as you close your eyes, watching that last flicker of light through the window Mooresque, you can almost hear Scherezade lulling you to sleep with one of her tales. So many stories emanating from the walls of this well loved home. So many more stories of your own to create ..."

Yes, yes, that all sounds very nice—now who's gonna break the news to that sweet-looking putty-tat that it's gonna have to move? Last sold in 2008 for $518,000, the 1,423-square-foot house is now asking $700,00.
· 921 Crestwood Terrace [Official site]
· 921 Crestwood Terrace [Estately]