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Gwyneth Paltrow's Neighbors Are Not Posting Mean Photoshops of Her Around Brentwood

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We are sad to report that there is not a hilariously petty neighbor war going on in Brentwood (THAT WE KNOW OF). Radar reported yesterday that Gwyneth Paltrow's neighbors are so mad at her for hosting an Obama fundraiser at her Mandeville Canyon house this Thursday that they have "taken to the streets, literally, and have hung photoshopped posters of the star posed in front of a drone with the caption 'Obama Drone.'" Those daringly inept posters do exist and are posted around the neighborhood, but, unsurprisingly, they are not the work of Brentwood liberals; a rightwing street artist—whose body of work is very hateful, judging by his website—has taken credit for the poster (and provided evidence) on Twitter.

Paltrow's neighbors do hate her—for her giant fence, for her ongoing construction, for her un-neighborliness, but probably not because she's hosting a political fundraiser with tickets running up to $32,400, or even because she once recommended $25,000 Converse. They live in Brentwood.

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