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South Park's Fig Central Switching 2 Tall Towers For 3 Shorter

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Late last year, the long-dormant Fig Central mixed-use megaproject in South Park was purchased by Beijing-based developer Oceanwide Real Estate Group and it looked like the new owners were eager to get things going again (the project was approved in 2007 and stalled out in 2008). Now, by way of Building LA, we see that Oceanwide's hoping to make some pretty big tweaks to the project—namely, switching out its two tall towers for three shorter towers.

Plans from back in 2007 called for a 45-story high-rise and a 33-story tower with 860 condo units and 222 hotel rooms; a filing from early September called for 53- and 38-story towers. This most recent filing, though, states that Oceanwide hopes to modify the project to include "3 towers with 504 residential units, 183 hotel rooms, and commercial retail space." This would suggest three shorter buildings instead of the two lanky towers previously proposed, but BLA points out that it appears the overall square footage of the project hasn't changed. Looks like we'll just have to wait until the next round of renderings or more detailed filings surface.
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