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This Map Shows All of SoCal (Except Westwood) is USC Territory

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In Los Angeles, there are fewer rivalries more intense than USC vs. UCLA football. And yet this map from the New York Times seems to suggest that, while the rivalry is intense, there's no contest when it comes to sheer numbers of fans. The map is based on Facebook "likes" in each zip code and, though it's much smaller and has way fewer alumni, USC has a lot more supporters, with a fan base extending far beyond LA County, out into Riverside County and up to Kern County. By comparison, UCLA fans are mostly clustered in a small section of the Westside surrounding the campus. How is this possible? No idea, but according to the map, even among people in the same zip code as UCLA, only 38 percent are Bruins fans; 18 percent are still Trojans all the way. That's gotta sting.

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