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Watch the Twin Peaks Revival at Kyle MacLachlan's House For $20,000 a Month

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In case you've been off the internet all day and this is the first site you're checking now that you're back, thank you, first of all, and second of all, Twin Peaks is coming back for nine new episodes in 2016, just like Laura Palmer promised. Coincidentally (or is it???), Special Agent Dale Cooper, aka Kyle MacLachlan, has just put his house in the Cahuenga Pass up for rent and it's got a woodsy homeyness that's just a little bit Twin Peaksy. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom house comes fully furnished and has a dining room, breakfast room, library/family room, guesthouse, gym, and pool. MacLachlan paid $795,000 for the house in 1991 (a few months after the last episode of Twin Peaks aired); according to Variety, he and his family have a condo in Manhattan and are "currently shacked up in a super-sexy mid-century modern located high above Laurel Canyon." He's renting out this place for $20,000 a month.

· 2640 Carman Crest Dr | Sunset Strip – Hollywood Hills West [The Agency]