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LA's New Soccer Team Might Crowdsource Its Name and Logo

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When the shutdown of LA's Major League Soccer team Chivas USA was announced Monday, it was also revealed that the city wouldn't be a one-team town for long. Yesterday, the new team, Los Angeles Football Club, was officially revealed at a press conference, along with its star-studded roster of owners that included LA native Magic Johnson, self-help guru Tony Robbins, and soccer player Mia Hamm Garciaparra. Not loving that team name? KPCC reports that the unexciting moniker could be temporary: The LAFC tweeted that it was looking for input on its name and new logo.

There was no new information about where the team's "dedicated soccer-specific stadium" might be built, but it is coming, owners assured during the press conference. (Before it dissolved, Chivas had been looking at potential sites for a new stadium that included Exposition Park and far-flung Fullerton, which is technically in Orange County.) Wherever it is, it's going to be classy. The wealthy group of new owners has pledged to spend at least $150 million to build the new sports complex, which is expected to hold at least 25,000 people. The stadium should be up and running in time for the team to debut in 2017.
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