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Eateries, Offices Coming to AD's One-Time Coke Factory

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More details are emerging on the plans from developer Atlas Capital Group to develop the former Coca-Cola factory in the Arts District. The groundfloor of the century-old, three-story building will feature 25,000 square feet of retail and 20,000 square feet of restaurant space divvied up between two establishments, one featuring seating for a whopping 241 diners, Downtown News reports.

The top two stories of the one-time T.T. Toys building would be refashioned into 78,000 square feet of creative office space and all those workers will be able to look out their windows and check out a new 306-space, seven-story parking garage to be built next door. It's too early for timelines just yet. -Neal Broverman
· Mixed-Use Project With Parking Proposed for Arts District [DN]