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Cornerspotted: El Royale Apartments at Rosewood and Rossmore Avenues

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It's a challenge to identify this building without having its iconic sign in the frame, but two readers were able to do it. Three cheers for Ferryboi and Mudflapslim, who both correctly guessed that we're looking at the El Royale Apartments in Hancock Park; the photo is taken from Rossmore Avenue looking toward the intersection with Rosewood Avenue. The El Royale opened in the late 1920, and was the work of architect William Douglas Lee, who also designed the Château Marmont (the El Royale's "sister"). A numerous celebrities have called it home throughout the years, including Mae West, Clark Gable, William Faulkner, Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow, Katie Holmes, and Josh Brolin—just to name a few!

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El Royale

450 N. Rossmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA