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LA's Most and Least Expensive 'Hoods For Renting Right Now

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Two days ago we saw data from rental site Lovely showing that LA's rents are creeeeping up, putting them at just over 10 percent higher than they were this time last year. Today, we're taking a look at the by-neighborhood breakdown. Topping the list of most expensive 'hoods to rent in is Bel Air, where median rents are $4,300. Not a shocker that Bel Air is outrageous, but what is crazy is how increasingly hip Ladera Heights ($3,100) came out of nowhere to take second on the list. Meanwhile, Encino, Mar Vista, and Echo Park are floating around the $1,865 median rent, while rates in up-and-coming areas like Leimert Park, West Adams, and East LA remain below the median, thus a good place to start when looking for a nice price on an apartment. (See how these 'hoods compare to last quarter's list.)

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