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LADBS Agrees There's No Fault Under 6230 Yucca Site

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The slippery Hollywood Fault's exact whereabouts have long created headaches for developers of high-profile projects in the area, whose plans would (understandably) have to change if an active fault segment were found under their project. There's one less headache now, reports the LA Times, as the LA Department of Building and Safety agreed with a geologist hired by developers of Millennium Hollywood that there's no active fault under another site—6230 Yucca Street— where a 16-story mixed-user's been waiting years to get built. LADBS wrote in its approval letter that "no building restrictions relative to potential fault-rupture are recommended for the subject site." You can almost hear the champagne popping.

The reports on the site come from a geologist hired by developers of the Millenium Hollywood project, which is also possibly resting on the problematic fault; he did some digging and then concluded that there were no faults under the Capitol Records building, under the site of the Millennium Hollywood project, or under 6230 Yucca. The LADBS' letter only mentioned 6230 Yucca as faultless, though they did add that the project's geologist has to keep an eye out for faults during construction, and that "if evidence of active faulting is observed, the Grading Division shall be notified immediately." That sounds like a good idea.
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