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1,350-Square-Foot Loft at the Brewery Art Colony Up For Grabs

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Popping up on the List of Craig today is a notice of an upcoming opportunity to rent one of the live/work spaces within Lincoln Heights' celebrated Brewery Art Colony. Per the ad, the unit in question measures 1,345 square feet and features 24-foot ceilings, tiled floors, built-in cabinetry and shelving, northern and western sun exposure, dramatic Downtown views, off-street parking, and "laundry down the hallway." Monthly rent is $1,780, which sounds quite reasonable; however, to nab the kitty-friendly unit, you'll also have to fork out a starving-artist-unfriendly "key fee" of $4,500, which, explains the listing, "covers the opportunity to take over low rent lease, all the improvements done on the unit and be able to get into the complex right away!" D'oh.
· $1780 / 1br - 1345ft² - The Brewery Arts Complex loft available [Craigslist]