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Watch Famous Gamble House Get a Stunning Psychic Reading

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Art collective Machine Project is right now hosting the Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House, a variety of whimsical events and presentations that are set in and around the famous Arts and Crafts house designed in 1909 by famed architectural duo/brothers Greene & Greene. One such event was performance artist Asher Hartman's psychic reading of the house, stunningly filmed by David Fenster and seen via our friends at Curbed National. Surely, after more than 100 years, the house must be full of ethereal remnants of past visitors and residents—or perhaps it even has a spirit itself?

For anyone who's never set foot in the Gamble, the cinematography of the film beautifully captures the dark, smooth wood and wonderful details of the house's interiors and surroundings grounds. And the psychic part is just fun. Hartman's reading picks up on the strong "human skin to wood skin connection" he feels on the property, then there's an incredible part about "the wood wanting to expand, and the people inside being very minute in comparison with the wood's needs ... " It's pretty incredible. Watch:

Psychic Reading of the Gamble House from David Fenster on Vimeo.

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