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LA Spends $9.5 Million on Temporary Parking Signs Every Year

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The LA Department of Transportation puts up 558,000 temporary parking restrictions signs every year for filming, construction, protests, and all kinds of other events on public streets (but mostly filming). The statistic comes from an LADOT memo discussing changes necessary to handle an uptick in filming in the city (via Deadline). A little more than half those signs—52 percent, or 290,160—are for filming-related closures. The total cost for temp parking signs is $9,530,640 a year, and $4,955,932.80 just for the filming-related ones.

Those red and white signs may not look like much, but when taking into account the time and materials to make the sign, put it up, and later remove it, each one comes to a total cost of $17.08. That's $12.19 for raw sign materials and installation, plus $4.89 to take it down later. Also, every drunko who rips one down on a Saturday night costs the city $12.19 for a replacement sign.

LADOT is hoping to hire more staffers and buy fancy new equipment to help with all the new signs it'll have to put up as production increases.

· Street-Closure Signs For Los Angeles Production Boom Will Cost $635,000 [Deadline]