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Mapping LA's Vampire, Zombie, and Ghost Danger Zones

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This Friday is Halloween, so there's no telling what kind of spooky stuff might be roaming the streets. Whatever it is you're trying to avoid—zombies, vampires, ghosts—Trulia's mapped out where the danger is high and where you're likely to be left alone to eat your candy in peace. Zombies, being undead, are likely to rise from graveyards, so areas near cemeteries are hot zones (duh!).

Vampires are obviously drawn to places where they can find blood, like hospitals and medical complexes, so areas around those have a higher likelihood for vampire bites. If for some reason you're looking for fang-friendly cities (maybe you're goth), you should probably leave sunny LA, according to Redfin's analysis.

Ghosts were the trickiest to pin down, naturally, and in the end, well, it was about as scientific as a map about ghosts gets. Here's a list of other places you might find yourself haunted.

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