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Film Crews Are Creating "Hostile Environment" in Historic Core

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Before the Downtown gentrification that began about 15 years ago, filmmakers used the often-empty neighborhood as their playground; they were free "to film car chases all over the place and land helicopters in parking lots," as one location manager put it last year. But then the yuppies moved in and started complaining about things like helicopters landing in parking lots. In the Old Bank District, ground zero of the DTLA gentrification and a highly-desirable filming location for its historic building faces, film productions can only operate from 7 am to 10 pm (most other areas of DTLA start at 6 am and go until 11 or midnight). So back in April, LA officials started to look into the possibility of extending the filming hours in the area, but now the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council has put a stop to that idea.

In a Community Impact Statement, DLANC said that film people shouldn't be rewarded with longer filming hours because they can't behave themselves and have created a "hostile environment" in DTLA, says Deadline.

DLANC added that cast and crews block parking and access to homes; when people attempt to park legally (but in the way of a film crew), they have threatened to tow cars; and they sometimes use "lewd or offensive language" to intimidate residents. Even at its best, filming is usually a disruptive process—all the lights, the noise, weird traffic detours—but these confrontations have created a "rising tension" between Downtowners and movie people. Until the issues are resolved throughout DTLA, DLANC says it "vehemently opposes" any sort of extended filming time and the issue has "been put on the back burner," according to Deadline.
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