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Cornerspotted: Sixth and Alexandria in Koreatown

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This week's photo caused quite a bit of debate in the comments—several people correctly guessed that this building was at Sixth Street and Alexandria in Koreatown, but many believed it to be the Chapman Market building, which it's not. It's the adjacent Chapman Park Studio, on the northwest corner of the intersection. (Only one commenter, identifying themselves as Lindsey Ratkovitch, correctly guessed which corner this was on.)

Taken from a parking lot that is now the site of the Zion Market shopping center, the 1974 picture shows off what was once one-third of Chapman Plaza, according to the LA Conservancy; the complex included the Studio, the drive-in Chapman Park Market (one of the first in the western US designed with the car in mind), and a hotel that has since been demolished. Designed by Morgan, Walls, & Clements, the trio of elaborately embellished structures were once the "fashionable anchors of the neighborhood." The Market building, restored by architect Brenda Levin and developer Wayne Ratkovich (as in the Ratkovich Company), now holds retail storefronts, while Chapman Park Studio is home to a firm called Chapman Park Studio, "a husband and wife team specializing in a variety of restorations, repairs, and bespoke installations."