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Eccentric Encino House With Strange Growth Asks $8 Million

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Yes, that blue protrusion outside the house looks like an enormous Diva Cup, but from the inside the skylight looks kinda cool, at the very least allowing lots of natural light into the house to bounce around on those white marble floors, and off of all that random red and yellow. The seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom house extends in an open floorplan across 9,200 square feet (there's an elevator!), but doesn't stop there: the many outdoor spaces include a chic rooftop deck, a guesthouse, a pool and spa, a waterfall, and limestone patios. Last sold for $1.08 million in 2007, when it was an entirely different house, the estate's now asking $7.995 million.

· 4533 Estrondo Drive, Encino, CA [Estately]