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Sheryl Crow Sold Her Lovely Old Hills Compound For $5MM Off

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Two years and millions of dollars in pricechops later, singer Sheryl Crow has sold off her very lovely compound in the Hollywood Hills (below Runyon Canyon). The 11-acre property includes a four-bedroom Spanish Colonial house built in the 1920s (and still with lots of original details), a four-bedroom Craftsman built in 1909, a three-bedroom cottage built in 1885, a "Brazilian Ironwood bridge," paths, hiking trails, a tipi, a palapas, a campsite, a playground, and a pool. Seems like someone would pay a lot to have their own architecturally-rich summer camp in the Hills like that, right? Well, not as much as Crow hoped. She listed the property in October 2012 for $15.95 million and just sold it off for "only" $11.085 million, according to Redfin.

· Sheryl Crow Asking $16MM for Fine Old Compound in the Hills [Curbed LA]