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Billy Corgan and Rebecca Gayheart Settle Two-Year Tree Feud

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It only took two years and a lawsuit filing, but Smashing Pumpkins singer/songwriter Billy Corgan, Noxzema girl Rebecca Gayheart, and her husband, Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy Eric Dane, finally settled their raging neighbor feud centered on a eucalyptus tree. This tree, on Corgan's property, fell onto the Gayheart/Danes's Beverly Hills Post Office house during a period of intense Santa Ana winds back in 2012, and then they wanted Corgan to trim or chop down a few more so it wouldn't happen again. After years of fighting, TMZ says that the trio settled out of court just before a trial was scheduled to begin.

Insurance companies had apparently settled the actual property damages, but the Danes took issue with Corgan's lack of remorse for the incident. The lawsuit also claimed that Corgan had neglected to "take any measures to remove the remaining improperly maintained and/or rotten eucalyptus trees from the Corgan property," but he's now agreed to cut the offending trees down. He's probably still not sorry, though.
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