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Greek Theatre Neighbors Freaking About Possible New Operator

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Tucked into the hills within Griffith Park, the open-air Greek Theatre is both a handsome Los Angeles icon and the city's "highest revenue-producing non-golf concession" contract. It's the latter that has two groups wrestling to win control of the Greek via a 10-year operations contract, according to the Daily News. Made In America festivalproducer Live Nation was the favorite of parks officials and was on track to get the contract, but Nederlander Corporation (which runs the Pantages and has been maintaining the Greek since 1975) and its new partner AEG Live (which is owned by AEG, the company that owns LA Live) have the support of the venue's ritzy neighbors, who are freaked out that a new company in charge would bring in more noise and discarded condoms.

The LA Times reports that many homeowners seem concerned that "noise and other nuisances" would increase if management of the venue were to shift. One resident who's lived in the area since 1947 explained that, with Nederlander overseeing the Greek, "we feel safe. We don't have beer cans anymore. We don't have condoms anymore. This new group I know nothing about .... Do you know what their safety record is?" Community group Friends of Griffith Park also supports Nederlander, saying it has been "a good neighbor" to the residents.

Residents are also upset about how little public input has been taken into account in the concessions decision; perhaps the Recreation and Parks Board of Commissioners agreed, because they postponed any action on the contract until their meeting next week. The board and the City Council both have to vote to finalize the decision. The current contract with Nederlander expires October 31, 2015.
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