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Totally Bonkers Organic Modernism Wrapped Around a 1927 Spanish Asking $2.2MM in Pasadena

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Bart Prince is a crazy bastard. The architect is best known for his work with boss Bruce Goff on LACMA's widely-beloved Japanese Pavilion, but he's also designed some truly weird/wonderful houses, like this elevated steampunk submarine thingy outside Albuquerque and Barbi Benton's Copper Palace in Aspen. And this, the Spence House in Pasadena, which the listing describes as a "charming 1927 Spanish Colonial combined with and embraced by a dynamic organic modern addition circa 1991." And that's not all! It's also built around a sycamore tree, "providing a central exterior courtyard." The house has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a dining room, an art gallery with its own catering kitchen, built-ins, a pool, and a three-car garage. Asking price is $2.2228 million.

· 1927 Spanish Colonial with Bart Prince Addition [deasy/penner]