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LA is Not Eager to Preserve AC Martin House in Los Feliz

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The firm of AC Martin is known for its work on Los Angeles City Hall and the Million Dollar Theatre (and more recently for the forthcoming Wilshire Grand), but is not so much known for its design of private homes. And soon there might be one less example of Martin's residential work: LA's Cultural Heritage Commission has voted against landmarking for Martin's 1914 Bartlett Residence,reports the LA Times, which could clear the way for its to be demolished and replaced by six houses.

Meanwhile, preservationists are wondering how the demolition, which was approved last year, got this far along without anyone noticing the pedigree. According to the Los Feliz Ledger, the initial environmental review for the project didn't identify the house as being Martin's work, and that document was used by other bodies reviewing the case (the city's Department of Planning; the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council), who all say they had no idea that the house was potentially significant. Some neighbors are also suspicious that the property's owners, developer Elan Mordoch, gave $1,500 to Mayor Garcetti's election campaign.

The City Council now has about three months to decide whether or not to look into the matter, but if they do nothing, the Cultural Heritage Commission's decision will be the final word. The demolition is on hold until that time passes.
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