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Full House Creator Getting Very Randy Talking About This House He Wants to Sell You

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Jeff Franklin, the man who created the classic TV shows Full House and Family Matters, built and is now selling a huge mansion on a piece of land above the Sunset Strip that he's owned for almost 30 years. Designed by the king of over-the-top megamansions, Richard Landry, the estate has never been occupied and Franklin isn't going to move in because he's already quite happy in his Landry-designed dream home (with 15-car underground garage and six bars) in Beverly Hills. Also because "It makes no sense to have your winter house five minutes from your summer house," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. Duh. Listed at $30 million, the four-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion has plenty of its own perks, including "the sexiest bedroom [Franklin's] ever seen" and ... well, he mostly talks about the bedroom.

· In addition to the six-car underground garage that can also serve as a nightclub, the house has a jacuzzi and pool, a completely retractable skylight, and "a couple of bars." Franklin assures that "The vibe is really special," but he gets much more poetic when talking about the strong sexual powers of the master bedroom, which he calls the "coolest thing" about the house.
· For starters, the top-floor master bedroom has retractable glass walls, creating the effect that you are a gem in "a sexy little jewel box." Feeling confident? Good, because you're about to flash Los Angeles.
· Buying this house is in general a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the city your birthday suit, exhibitionists. "The indoor-outdoor shower [in the master bedroom] is like taking a shower on top of Los Angeles. No one can see you unless you want them to."
· Still not convinced that the peek-a-boo shower and the glass-case effect are irresistibly sexy? But this bedroom is like oysters plus champagne times Marvin Gaye! Franklin gives some convincing straight talk: "If you can't get laid in that bedroom, there's something wrong with you." That's right: if you and this bedroom together cannot seal the deal, seek medical help because there is a problem.
· On top of it all, what kind of person does Franklin envision enjoying this sensual abode? "I don't know if Leo DiCaprio needs another home, but that's the kind of guy who should live there."

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