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Inside the Coolest Private Club in LA as it Nears Completion

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This past weekend, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture held its MAK Games tennis tournament at the Sheats-Goldstein House, one of the sexiest properties in all Los Angeles (the Beverly Crest house was designed by John Lautner and played pornographer Jackie Treehorn's house in The Big Lebowski, hosted a real porn, and most recently served as the setting for Jennifer Lawrence's Vanity Fair photo shoot). You can take the full tour here, but today we're going inside the spectacular new building on the property, which owner James Goldstein and architect Duncan Nicholson (a former Lautner employee) have been working on for several years now.

Beneath the most beautiful tennis court in the city, the new building will have three levels with offices, a library, and a full nightclub called Club James, featuring retractable glass walls, floor-to-ceiling TVs, a DJ booth, and outdoor bar and kitchen. Goldstein plans to open it up for special events only. In the photo set below, you'll see a model of all the new additions, which will eventually also include a new pool and a guesthouse built into the hillside above the tennis court.

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Sheats-Goldstein House

10104 Angelo View Dr., Los Angeles, CA