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Historic Tail o' the Pup Stand Could Reopen at the Grove

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The recently renovated, totally adorable Tail o' the Pup hot dog stand is up for sale and it could end up at The Grove (or perhaps the Americana?). Family members of long-time proprietor Eddie Blake hope that the iconic stand—which hasn't sold a sausage since 2005—could return to life as a functioning business once again under a new owner. A family member tells The Hollywood Reporter,"We'd like someone to actually operate it as a business, and do it locally." To sweeten the deal, they're throwing in their recipe and trademark along with the stand. But bidders will have to act quick—developer Rick Caruso, who owns The Grove and the Americana, has already started negotiations on the iconic eatery.

The Pup's first location was on La Cienega, across from the amusement park Kiddyland (later razed for the Beverly Center). Then it was sold in the 1970s to Blake, who moved the stand to San Vicente; it was under his ownership that the hot dog stand shuttered in 2005. Now, Blake's family has put the Tail o' the Pup up for sale, with bids starting at $200,000, but you might wanna come with more than that if you're gonna compete with Caruso.
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