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Inglewood Prepping For Big Crenshaw-Line-Adjacent Project

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Just a few blocks west from the townhouses heading to the old Daniel Freeman hospital site, Inglewood's moved one step closer to getting some transit-oriented development up on six parcels facing Market Street, near the in-the-works Florence and La Brea stop of the Crenshaw Line, says the LA Business Journal. The new project would be aimed at revitalizing Inglewood's downtown area along Market, injecting it with pedestrian-friendly shopping, residences, and possibly entertainment that could breathe some life into the dead-ish stretch.

Inglewood's request for rough plans from developers mentions that they want to see housing at a variety of income levels, new jobs, and "multi-modal" links to the rail line in the future of these parcels. The city's just picked five developers, all of whom submitted general proposals already, to move ahead to the next step and create more detailed proposals; the general submissions so far have suggested combinations of housing, retail, restaurant, and entertainment space. Formal proposals will come in the next few weeks and a final developer should be selected early in 2015.

The new developments along Market Street will not only be walkable from the Crenshaw Line, they'll also be close to the historic Forum (which recently underwent a huge renovation) and the 234-acre mixed-use project at the site of the former Hollywood Park racetrack. Add to those projects a decent chance that there could be some NFL football headed to a huge parcel nearby and things are looking pretty bright for Inglewood's future.
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