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Here Are the Top Five LA Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating

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The overabundance of foods with pictures of pumpkins on the box means that Halloween is nearly upon us. Right on cue, Zillow has released their list of best places for trick-or-treating and Los Angeles has moved up four spaces to the number two spot in the whole country. That's cool! But the list of best trick-or-treating neighborhoods wtihin the city has us once again wondering "Really? Pacific Palisades?" Is the energy you'd have to expend to drag the kids to and through some of these tony 'hoods worth the supposed haul? The top five neighborhoods are pretty hilly, if that affects your final decision.

5. Eagle Rock
4. Bel Air
3. Cheviot Hills
2. Brentwood
1. Pacific Palisades

We wonder if houses in many of these neighborhoods, likely gated, will lower the drawbridge for little ghouls; Zillow generates the rankings by looking at WalkScores, crime stats, population density, and housing values, but not in actual pounds of candy yielded per block—granted, that's probably very difficult data to come by. By the same metrics, overall, LA ranked second in the nation for trick-or-treating.
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