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Glassy Live/Work Mixed-User is Latest Arts District Fanciness

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Throw another one on the pile of fancy new projects for the bustling Arts District. Covered in "lightweight concrete panels" and sporting a striking glassy corner, this seven-story mixed-user is slated to rise on a vacant parking lot on Seventh Street between Winston and Decatur. As seen on Building LA, the development's 122 units would all be live/work spaces, as encouraged by new gentrification-friendly rules, and the complex would include a pedestrian paseo, a courtyard, and groundfloor commercial space at the corner of Seventh and Decatur—another opportunity to strengthen the AD vibe on its southern border.

Designed by local firm HansonLA (which is also on the Fashion District megaproject CityMarket), the development first appeared in a story in the Architect's Newspaper focusing on the recently-drafted Interim Live/Work Zone—the green spaces (paseo, courtyard) and the 100-percent live/work component are all features of the proposed new zone.
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