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Tour the Eerie Abandoned Mall From Gone Girl

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UPDATED 10/14: Greater Los Angeles has got something for every filmmaker and every film. Even a derelict old mall in which to go searching for a missing person? Yes, we've got that, in the form of the abandoned and crumbling Hawthorne Plaza, which co-stars in the box-office hit Gone Girl. We've taken a tour before, with the great Tom Explores Los Angeles series, and now a photographer going by HumanSockPuppet (naturally) on Reddit has posted a terrifically eerie photo set (via LAist). Closed since 1999, the Hawthorne shopping mall has had plenty of time to be tagged up and damaged by the elements enough to where it looks like the kind of place where some foul play might go down.

The Gone Girl trailer has a few quick shots where eagled-eyed viewers might be able to pick out Hawthorne Plaza, which has had a lot of screen time over the years—it's appeared in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Minority Report, The Green Hornet. Oddly enough, Gone Girl's exterior mall shots were taken at an old Panorama City Montgomery Ward, says Los Angeles magazine.

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