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See the Competing Upgrade Plans for the Greek Theatre

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Los Angeles parks officials are at the center of a heated battle right now over who will manage Griffith Park's beloved Greek Theatre—neighbors want to keep current operator Nederlander (along with its partner AEG), but the city is leaning toward Live Nation—and yesterday they declined to make a decision once again. While they mull it over, we thought we'd take a look at what changes the two groups would actually bring to the Greek; turns out they've both submitted plans that call for various upgrades and changes to the 1929 venue.

Details are few and far between, but Nederlander is touting its plans to do "a complete historic renovation revealing The Greek's original 1930's stage columns, while adding modern amenities." They also want to add new landscaping in the [front] plaza and along the hillside, a new restaurant, and a "365 day a year" cafe that would serve visitors to Griffith Park. (Trendy Bestia and Republique have been mentioned.)

Live Nation's also proposed a restoration that would uncover and revitalize the Greek's vintage columns, says KPCC, and, like Nederlander, they're planning to replace seating, overhaul the food and refreshments offered at the venue, and do something about that plaza at the entrance. One point on which they differ is that Live Nation wants to replace the terraces and roof (their structural engineer found that they might not stand up well to an earthquake), while Nederlander's plan calls for upgrading the existing ones.

Overall, Live Nation says it would spend $40 million over two decades to restore the Greek and Nederlander/AEG says it would spend about $19 million. A consultant hired by the city to evaluate the two groups' proposals wrote that Live Nation's proposal "maximized current available space for an improved fan experience" and "guaranteed a higher level of spending for preventative maintenance designed to maintain the facility at the first class, high quality level."

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