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New Views of the Hollywood Palladium Two-Tower Mixed-User

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There's still no timeline or budget for the Palladium Residences—the two 28-story, mixed-use towers set to sprout on parking lots next to the famous venue of the same name—but hey, there are new renderings and that's good enough for us. Building LA happened upon the development's site, which has new views showing off the slick project's many stylistic nods to the historic Palladium, as well as its smooth incorporation to the street.

The grid pattern and the curving lines of the Palladium's marquee are echoed in the grid-lined exterior and swooping forms of the proposed towers, effectively "keeping the iconic venue as the primary focus on Sunset Boulevard," as the website says. Developer Crescent Heights also still plans to seek Historic-Cultural Monument status for the Palladium.

But there's no new news yet from Crescent Heights about which of the two proposed plans for the towers is moving forward. One plan is purely residential with 731 units; the other mixes 538 residences with 250 hotel rooms; both plans incorporate 14,000 square feet of pedestrian-friendly commercial space. The development's underground parking garage will have room for 1,900 cars and 820 bicycles, plus the buildings will be just a couple of blocks from the Hollywood/Vine Red Line station.

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