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"Elegant And Subtle" 40-Foot LED Signs To Hover Over The 405

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The city of Costa Mesa is allowing the Metro Pointe shopping center to build two 9-by-18-foot LED signs on 40-foot-tall supports that would face the 405 Freeway—and that's reduced from the 53 feet they originally approved, because a councilmember and locals were worried these signs would blaze a trail for many, many more bright, obnoxious displays. What's all the fuss about? The signs will shut off at 10 pm, will only advertise for tenants, and won't be animated (for fear of distracting drivers). A rep for the company doing the signs also assured neighboring residents that their light won't be seen across the freeway because "the signs will be tasteful and nowhere near the type of extreme lighting found in cities such as Las Vegas," according to the LA Times. Locals aren't budging—one nearby shopping center's plans to put up similar signs were scrapped in the midst of a neighborhood outcry—but everyone should probably just brace for the sign deluge because, as councilman in favor of the plan says, "LEDs are the signs of the future."
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