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Miracle Mile's Variety Building Will Become The SBE Building

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So goes the course of Los Angeles, we suppose: Entertainment trade journalism is OUT, douchey exclusive nightclubs are IN. Variety is leaving 5900 Wilshire soon and its famous red sign came down in November; today the LA Times reports that the sign will be replaced by the spring with one for SBE, Sam Nazarian's empire of hotels (SLS), restaurants (Katsuya), and nightclubs (Greystone Manor, Hyde, Colony) inspired by the 2013 film The Bling Ring. Also, it seems like no one remembers this, but Heidi used to sort-of work there on the early seasons of The Hills and Nazarian bitched her out once. SBE will also be leasing the top two floors in the building (moving from their current buildings near Beverly/Fairfax). SBE has been very busy in the past few months: They're planning an SLS in the Grand Avenue development on Bunker Hill and doing something we don't quite understand with the big future Camden apartment complex in Hollywood.
· Nightclub owner SBE to replace Variety at 5900 Wilshire [LAT]