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Highland Park's Avenue 50 Park Will Be So Much Fun

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The empty lot at the corner of Avenue 50 and York Boulevard in Highland Park has been vacant for the past eight months, waiting for the results of the Choose Your Own Park-venture contest, which allowed the neighborhood's residents and stakeholders to give input on three possible visions for the $3-million park and vote on the one that would eventually be built. (Some design aspects, such as bathrooms and a perimeter gate, were not variable.) Probably because you only had to be 11 to vote (it is a park, after all), the winning design includes all the stuff they could fit into the space—an amphitheater, a community library, a treehouse-shaped playground, a mini-rock wall, water misters, and an area outfitted for "musical play" with what appear to be large xylophones, reports the Boulevard Sentinel (pdf). Construction starts in the spring, and the park should be full of happy, wet children banging on oversize musical instruments before the year is over.

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