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The LA Public Library Is Going To Offer High School Diplomas

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The maxim over the entrance to the Central Public Library reminds us that it's a place that serves the community; the 72-branch LA Public Library system already offers all visitors free access to the internet, literacy programs, literary and cultural programs, and a discreet place to have casual encounters. Well this month, the LAPL is adding another public good to its resume: It's rolling out what is being called an unprecedented program that will allow dropouts to take actual high-school courses online and, upon successful completion, to receive an accredited high-school diploma, says KPCC. The library is hoping to award 150 diplomas in the first year of the program. Students would be selected to attend a private online high school (the library's ponying up for scholarships), and will use the library as a place where they can meet up with others in the program and get help from specially-trained library staff. The branches in areas with the highest dropout rates will be the first to offer the degrees, says city librarian/awesome human John Szabo, who's behind the program's implementation.
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