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El Sereno Historical Society Suing City Over Signs For Neighborhood They Say Doesn't Exist

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You may have noticed that, throughout the city, there are blue lamppost signs marking neighborhoods from the commonly-known to the obscure (Mount Angelus, Vermont Knolls, Morningside Circle). In the eastside neighborhood of El Sereno, a section of town is getting city-council-approved community signs identifying it as Rose Hills, and that is truly upsetting the El Sereno Historical Society, which has opposed the idea since it was first proposed last summer. Despite old newspapers referring to a Rose Hills section, the apparent harmlessness of the whole thing, and the fact that there were previously signs up that said Rose Hills (they were supposedly "stolen or vandalized"), the historical society is now suing the city council because it doesn't want the signs to go up, Eastsider LA says. It's not really clear why having the signs up is such a terrible affront—they don't entitle the community to government money or alter jurisdictional lines, and El Sereno has tons of them up already.
· El Sereno Neighborhood Name Dispute Ends Up In Court [Eastsider LA]