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Gross West LA Vons To Be Replaced With Exciting New Pavilions

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Half a decade after it was first proposed, Vons is finally moving forward with a redux of their much-maligned mid-century grocery store at Barrington and Santa Monica Boulevard in West LA. The current store closes Saturday (food is half-off!) and all the businesses on the block—all owned by Vons parent company Safeway—will be bulldozed in the spring, with the new grocery store, a Pavilions, constructed soon after. The best thing about this is the store will meet Santa Monica Boulevard rather than a surface parking lot like it does now, a big drag on an already-pretty dreadful intersection. New details on the Pavilions are scarce, save for a press release saying it will be "second-to-none." The groundbreaking ceremony should provide more details, including renderings (the attached one is years old). Plans were floated at one time for a mixed-use project here with apartments on top of the supermarket.
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