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Blue Line Getting Massive Speed And Safety Overhaul

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Metro announced today that they'll spend $1.2 billion on updates to the 23-year-old Blue Line light rail over the next six years (though that dollar amount includes hundreds of millions already spent on renovations, as well as the purchase of new light rail vehicles that will service the whole light rail system, from the Gold Line to Expo). The new work should help cut down on delays for the 90,000 commuters who ride the LA-to-Long Beach train every day, thanks to new power stations, power lines, tracks, and refurbished train cars. As noted previously, the 22 stations will get gussied up with fresh canopies and paint jobs. New cameras, cops, and safety signs will also be installed to keep the peace and and ensure people don't stand in the tracks (this line has the worst safety record in the system). No word yet on signal priority for the train, which would help move the train faster in areas where it's not separated from traffic.

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