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Glendale Outlaws Parties At Notorious Airbnb Party House

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Glendale (Curbed Cup winner, 2013) officials have put the clamp down on a notorious "party house" advertised on the web site, reports the Glendale News-Press. In addition to party buses pulling up to the house, neighbors report that one of the parties required the response of a police helicopter with a spotlight. Six parties at the rental have been shut down by Glendale PD: "Neighbors of the so-called "party house" in the Glenwood community — known as a quiet, family-oriented area — said the constant partying in the 1300 block of Norton Avenue was interfering with their sleep at 2 a.m. They'd find beer bottles in the street, people fighting on the sidewalk in the early morning hours, parking clogged and loud music blaring." The listing for the house, which remains on Airbnb, has now removed offers to rent for parties. However, the hideous abode is still available for short-term rentals at $265 per night or $1,950 per week. The house rules include a note to "be courteous to our neighbors by keeping noise at a tolerable level. NO loud music after 12:00 a.m." And no shoes on the furniture.

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