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New Yuppie Playa Vista Residences Will Have Movable Glass Walls And Cost $1 Million

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If you build a fake-old downtown, they will come ... to the planned community of Playa Vista—1,000 acres between the Loyola Marymount campus and Jefferson Boulevard, where Facebook, Microsoft, and YouTube have offices (Silicon Beach 2.0, it calls itself, as if regular Silicon Beach weren't bad enough), and where living options offer you a "fresh urban take on small-town village living," according to the neighborhood's website. Like they do wherever they go, the tech companies in the area have created a huge need for housing, so Playa Vista is stepping up to the plate with 2,800 new options—houses and condos—in six neighborhoods. Two of the neighborhoods will be comprised of homes starting in the mid-to-high $1 million range, covering nearly 4,000 square feet each, and including must-have, totally non-ridiculous features like "retractable glass walls; 'floating' steel stairs enclosed in glass; condominiums with private elevator access to each unit," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A local real estate agent chalks the community's housing rush up to the fact that "[t]his is the only master planned community in this area and people like that feeling that they're going to have everything in one place." The place hasn't even topped-off yet; the opening of the mixed-use Runway complex will bring a Whole Foods and a movie theater to the development when it opens this fall, and then the "community" will be fully unbearable (and unaffordable).
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