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Curbed Cup Bestowed, New Year's Eve in Grand Park

[A unit in the Richard Neutra designed Strathmore Apartments in Westwood Village is now available]

This Week's Top Stories: It will be the happiest of New Year's in the City of Glendale, which has claimed the golden Curbed Cup jpeg for 2013 as Neighborhood of the Year beating out Downtown's Arts District (Media Note: All references to Glendale in calendar year 2014 should mention Meatball the Bear and/or Curbed Cup). On Tuesday night, tens of thousands of Angelenos celebrated the arrival of the New Year together for the first time in Downtown's new Grand Park. We can all celebrate the Los Angeles River's amazing metaphorical rise, as plans to revive the river into a pedestrian and wildlife friendly took shape in 2013. Who knew? The family behind the Magic Castle in Hollywood also have a home with a natural stream and small theater in Mid-Wilshire where they do a monthly invite-only "follies" show. A wonderfully restored Victorian-era home in Boyle Heights is now being offered at a paltry $450k. Lastly, Hollywood producer Megan Ellison has purchased a very modern mansion in Mt. Olympus for around $20 million with some neighboring properties for an extra $10 million in pocket change.