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Spring Arcade's Old KRKD Radio Towers Will Be Saved and Lit

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The 12-story Spring Arcade Building on Fifth and Broadway is in the process of a full-blown overhaul that ultimately will include a flood of new restaurants (Guisados!). As part of the revamp, the two long out-of-use radio towers on top of the building were scheduled to be demolished, but are getting saved instead, says the Downtown News

The 82-year-old towers are not exactly historic (though they are a local landmark and one of the few radio towers of their kind left in the country), and they don't comply with FAA or FCC requirements, but they definitely contribute to the vintage vibes of the 1924 Beaux Arts/Spanish Renaissance building, and that's what saved them in the end. Now instead of being torn down they'll be brought up to code, a process that involves painting them orange and white and putting lit beacons on them, which will cost up to $80,000 but is totally worth it if it means they don't get hit by a plane.
· Historic Core Radio Towers Get Makeover [Downtown News]